Your Honor, I really only have one leg to stand on..........

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    They need to give this guy a break. My father was a double amputee (he didn't have any leg(s) to stand on) and he used to drive from Indiana to Ga every year. He had two artificial legs and used the foot pedals in his truck.

    Florida's Armless Driver, Now Facing Prison, Says He'll Turn in Keys
    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    June 9: Michael Wiley demonstrates how he drives in the driveway of his Port Richey, Fla. home.

    LAND O' LAKES, Fla. — There was a time when nothing could keep Michael Francis Wiley from behind the wheel — not even a triple amputation that makes simple tasks like tying a shoe impossible.

    Even police, who busted Wiley so many times that it's now a felony for him to drive, couldn't stop him.

    But now he is at the end of the road: He is scheduled to face a judge Friday for sentencing on a new round of felony traffic and drug possession charges. Prosecutors want to put him in jail for five years, and this time, Wiley says he's turning in the keys for good.

    "I'm beat. The white flag is up," said Wiley, 40, from behind thick glass in the Pasco County Jail. "You can only bang your head against the wall so long before it hurts."

    Wiley lost his arms and most of his left leg in a 1980 accident when he was 13. He fell off an elevated train platform while fooling around at an abandoned switching station in New York City, and grabbed a live electrical line to break his fall. He touched metal while trying to regain his footing, and roughly 11,000 volts of electricity surged through his arms and legs.

    He learned to live without limbs. He taught himself to drive. He starts the car with his toes, shifts with his knee and steers with the stump of his left arm. He turns on the lights with his teeth.

    Driving, he says, is one of the few things that lets him feel free and exert his independence.

    "I'm an excellent driver," Wiley said. "It is something I can do well by myself. I've been thoroughly tested by the department of motor vehicles and I passed with flying colors."

    On that point, authorities disagree. His clashes with authorities over his driving habits date back two decades.

    He once had a valid license, but it has been suspended several times for motor vehicle and drug infractions. Wiley has said he turned to drugs — both prescription and illegal — to numb his chronic pain.

    He's been accused of everything from sneaking drugs into jail in his prosthetic leg, possessing marijuana while driving to kicking a Florida Highway Patrol officer investigating a crash. He's led police on chases.

    He has 12 convictions for felony driving with a suspended license since 1996, according to Florida Department of Corrections records. And though he's served prison time for five of them, until now, it's never been enough to keep him off the road.

    "It's something I can do independently. I know it's wrong, but it's something I can do by myself," Wiley said.

    Wiley was already facing felony charges of driving without a license on May 8 when a police officer spotted him behind the wheel of a blue Ford Explorer at a convenience store. The officer told him to wait while he ran a license check.

    He put the truck in gear and sped off, according to the arrest report. Officers pursued, but called off the chase because the Ford was zipping through oncoming traffic in a "reckless" manner. Wiley was arrested the next day and charged with fleeing.

    Wiley won't discuss the specifics of his case, but said fear of drug withdrawal is one of the reasons he fled.

    In June, Wiley entered a no contest plea to a variety of driving and drug charges. He plans to ask the judge for mercy and hopes to get sentenced to a drug treatment program. His attorney, John Hooker of Tampa, said it is unlikely Wiley will avoid a prison sentence.

    "It's sad to say. I just hope the system has not given up on him," Hooker said. "He hasn't hurt anyone but himself and his family."

    When it's all over, Wiley plans to go somewhere far away, where police won't recognize him on site.

    "I don't like the idea that I'm Pasco County's most notorious driver. That's hype," Wiley said. "I'm not public enemy No. 1. I'm just a regular guy with some handicaps. I made a few mistakes. I'm sorry and I'm paying for them."
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    Re: Your Honor, I really only have one leg to stand on......

    He's not being brought up on charges for being an amputee but for the 12 felonies he's been convicted of. Driving is considered a previlege not a right. I have a friend who lost her leg in a motorcycle accident and she drives everyday. She has not took police on chases or committed any crimes. She don't do illegal drugs to ease cronic pain.

    He warrents no sympathy from me or from my friend when I asked her opinion.

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    Take a prescription Motrin that has your wife's name on the label, and you're an illegal drug abuser.
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    For some reason I'm pretty sure this guy wasn't taking motrin 2 anything of that sort.... :roll:

    And it still doesn't excuse his reckless driving.

    I sort of feel for the guy. It sucks that his own youthful stupidity caused him to lose 3 limbs & now he has to live that way but HE caused his own problems, becoming a menace to society isn't justified.
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    youthfully stupidity + adult stupidity= sympathy? :? :?:
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    Nope. =;
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    Just to clarify, you can get a prescription for the version of Advil you can get over the counter. Even if it's not on the federal schedule, it's kinda like blowing up your own mailbox, it's still a federal offense.

    As for the other offenses... "kicking a highway patrol officer investigating a crash." Did he kick him with the prosthetic leg, or a stump? Give me a break.

    Insert our standard, "If you are not placing me under arrest, I will exercise my right to leave..." and now we'd be defending him. Reckless driving; ya, seen people getting a reckless driving ticket (equivalent to a DUI) for swerving to avoid hitting a live dog on a country road. What sonsabitches, those law breakers. If we could hand out automated tickets for reckless driving, 80% of the people on 285 on any given day would get one, going by the letter of the law.

    So I guess everyone's in agreement that driving without a license is a felony, just like how the penalty for violating DMCA (copying a DVD, being in possession of something, mainly knowledge or tools, that allows you to violate a copyright) should have a stiffer penalty than burglary.

    After all, so much reckless driving, yet the number of people he's killed, maimed, or gotten into accidents with is strangely absent.
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    Let's see here.... Illegal drugs..... running from the police.... kicking an officer..... 12 convictions for felony driving with a suspended license in 11 years....

    He get ZERO sympathy from me. He did something stupid a child and got hurt, I feel sorry about that, but it doesn't mean that he is exempt from laws for the rest of his life. There are plenty of multiple limb amputees that become law abiding, useful members of society. Why should he get a free pass on breaking laws?
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    There was a story awhile back about a double amputee out running police on 2 prostetic legs. They later tracked him back to his house.

    So with your conclusion, amputees should be coddled and looked down on and everyone to just go "AWWWWW looky da' wittle guy lost his poor wittle leggy poo". I can tell you right now, with a friend who lost her leg and speaking to soldiers coming back from the mid east the last thing they want you to do is put them in a welfare class. All they want is help to get back on their feet, even if it is titanium or plastic one so they can live thier lives like everyone else.

    I'm tired of the "poor me" crowd.
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    Yeah like this guy!!!

    Kyle is a student at UGA and grew up in Suwanee! He'd probably kick most of your butts!

    He wrote a book too that I'm in the process of reading called "No Excuses"
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    All laws are good,just. !OBEY!

    Now where was that thread about "improper lane usage" and vehicle confiscation?
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    Damn. Watched some video of him wrestling. He's good.