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    An engineer friend from a company that supplies services to our company asked if I would like to buy a revolver that he bought brand new in 1980. He knows I have a few in my safe and he said he only shot 12 shots through it and decided it wasn't powerful enough so he cleaned it and put it up and started on his path to shotguns. It is a Dan Wesson 44VH magnum with (2) 8" barrels, (1) ported and (1) non ported, a hoglegg holster and pachmeyer grips with the original styrofoam box with outer sleeve. He asked $ 400 for it but when we met for lunch yesterday he said he felt bad for asking that because he paid $285 in 1980 and said he would take $350. So I gladly gave him what he asked ($350) and me and Dan got aquainted last night and he has a nook in my safe.
    Before you ask for pictures I don't know how to post them on this site yet. My rule is not to have any safe queens but this is in such great shape I could be tempted to start, NOT.
    :woohoo: :woohoo:
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    Do you have digital pictures? If so, put them on or (I think you have to have an account for one or both of those; for photobucket I know you do). Then on photobucket (once you upload them), there is already a [​IMG]

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    Great buy, sounds like you got a sweet revolver for a steal of a deal.

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