You might be concealed carrying if.......

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    You Know You’re A Concealed Weapons Carrier If:
    •You start your day selecting what clothes do not print.
    •You only use a public restroom if you can get the stall that is at the far end against the wall.
    •You don’t mind stopping to help people stranded on the road.
    •If you ever asked your significant other “does this 1911 make me look fat?â€
    •While shopping for a new belt, you select one by what goes best with your holster.
    •You have at least 6 holsters for every handgun you own.
    •You’ve ever used your CWP as a second form of photo ID, just because it looked like the most upsetting option for the liberal behind the counter.
    •A major goal of yours it to get every CCW permit from every state that issue out of state permits.
    •The most expensive part of your dress attire is that custom made leather holster you wear.
    •Your hip has a cramp because you slept the wrong way on your holster last night.
    •Your wife elbows you whenever she catches you giggling under your breath at unarmed mall security guards.
    •If you find that you do have your gun and super fancy holster, spare magazines, 5 billion watt flashlight and pepper spray … but, you forgot to grab your car keys.
    •You’ve bought the same gun in blue steel for practice and stainless for carry.
    •Instead of family photos in your wallet you have concealed carry permits.
    •You have trouble remembering you cell phone number but you know every concealed carry law from every state.
    •You walk away from some loudmouth toughguy you would have punched in the mouth 15 years ago.
    •You plan driving vacations to take the “scenic route†so you only drive in states where your permit is good.
    •You elbow your wife when she says, “I forgot, we need to swing buy [insert off-limits building].â€
    •You buy pants based on pocket depth.
    •You know how to disassemble, clean, lube, and reassemble a multitude of sidearms, long guns, shotguns, and small mortars, but the VCR still flashes 12:00.
    •It takes you 15 minutes to pick which one of your carry guns would be perfect to wear on your latest outing.
    •Your wife asks, “Is that a new shaving lotion or Hoppes #9?â€
    •As soon as you get home you clean lint off your gun but have not run the sweeper on the carpet in a month.
    •You buy postage stamps from the supermarket and mail everything from the UPS Store to avoid the Post Office.
    •You dread having to go to the Airport and the Courthouse.
    •If you have ever bought a Thunderwear holster to see if you can CCW with a Speedo bathing suit with your 1911.
    •You have the same number of holster/gun combos that your wife has shoes/socks.

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    I'm only guilty of about half of those.

  3. Jmark

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    :woohoo: My 100th post!
  4. ber950

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    You remember your gun and both your knives but forgot your wallet. :oops: I did that more than once.
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    This is great! Thanks for posting.

    And I only forgot my wallet while carrying once - and what's worse is that I was OCing! Now I always make sure I have my wallet with me as well when I leave the house with the sidearm.
  6. merlock

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    Flirtin' with disaster! :shock:
  7. wsweeks2

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    You're telling me. I was in Gwinnett nonetheless. :shock:
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    I check my wallet before I go somewhere OC. Just paranoia/habit sorta. It's a shame a piece of poorly laminated paper is required to let me (sorta) carry where I want.