You Are Being Watched

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    Even if you are the good guy. And YES, they are watching YOU. Go read the rest of the article.


    Now you know what not to do, or what to do?
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    Yeah. Don't fly if at all possible.

    FYI - article behind paywall.

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    Turn off javascript and see the article. Yes, your whereabouts are tracked.

    After reading the article the takeaway message is "quiet skies" program has expanded from watching credible threats to more ordinary people who travel into the States from other countries. The expansion of the program sounds like a "make work" program since credibles are probably far and fewer between and gives the FAMs something to do, although the FAMs could care less about the assignments.

    A big question to answer is how a person gets added to the list? And once you're on the list you stay on it for 90 days after your arrival to the States. Lots of people travel internationally to lots of destinations and many of those destinations have bad people in them so a few travelers get on the list.

    Few details are revealed because it could harm "security" or whatever and however it's defined today. But you could be on a list. The next time you travel be sure to go to the bathroom a few times, stop in the walkway, board last (someone boards last), and stay awake on your flight.
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