Yet another hero gives the ultimate sacrifice

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    Although I never knew Deputy Gammill, I personally know several deputies of the Douglas County Sheriff's office and their loss hurts me just the same.

    It was the shooting of a Douglas Co. Deputy almost 2 years ago that prompted me to persue a career in law enforcement, albeit it was short lived for personal reasons. Deputy Matt Grey worked a second job at the very same place that was my primary job at the time. We became pretty cool friends and he had alot of same interests in firearms as I did and we would often "show and tell" our prized possessions after work. He was very supportive of CCW and always encouraged me to carry and thanked me for carrying at my job while he was there pulling security detail on the weekends.

    In June of 2003, Deputy Grey was serving an arrest warrant in southern Douglas County, when the subject he was after answered his front door with a .44 magnun in his hand. Deputy Grey dove off the front proch of this guy's house, but not before this guy put a .44 slug in his back. Deputy Grey survived his wound and made a full recovery and is still on with the department. He has given me great inspiration. Even though we parted ways more than a year ago, I hold him and his department in my thoughts and prayers.
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    He was killed by a former Douglas County Deputy?

    Ok, nevermind, he was killed by the former deputy's stepfather, who wasn't even sought on the arrest warrant. The former deputy was sought for child molestation.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend, James.