Yellowhammer: Would a Birmingham win render majority-black cities ungovernable?

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    Would a Birmingham win render majority-black cities ungovernable?

    The Alabama Legislature and the state’s biggest city are never going to truly see eye-to-eye because the politics and the demographics are too different. But when Birmingham decided to increase its minimum wage in 2016, the state Legislature asserted its control over the city in a way that many viewed as heavy-handed and anti-conservative. Birmingham pushed back with a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination. A judge blew that up, but the city appealed to a circuit judge. The argument for this case by those who want Birmingham to be able to do their own thing is that as a majority-black city, a majority-white legislature can’t tell them what to do. Bloomberg News lays out their argument:

    “The law effectively ‘transfers all control to legislators elected by the statewide majority-white electorate’ and takes away the power of local officials in majority-black cities, opponents of the measure argued in a June 2017 brief to the appeals court. They allege the law violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution and the non-discrimination provisions of the federal Voting Rights Act,” wrote Bloomberg’s Chris Marr.​

    Why this matters: Precedent. If a lawsuit of this nature is successful, the city of Birmingham can literally do whatever it wants. Not only will Birmingham be free to do as it wishes on the minimum wage, but they will also have control over matters of gun control, immigration, and monument protection (all matters the city of Birmingham has signaled they would like to act upon). The real-world impact of an adverse ruling for the state of Alabama would be that cities like Montgomery and Selma could make the same argument on any law they don’t like. What about cities like Detroit, and Atlanta? Cities around the country could become completely disconnected from the states in which they live. The laws passed by state legislatures will be undone by city councils, creating a fracture that will be seized upon by city leaders and will lead to these cities being states within states.

    The details:

    — Alabama is one of 5 states without a minimum wage law. The state goes off the federal minimum wage.

    — Zero states have a majority-black population. If Birmingham is successful, every majority-black municipality has an argument against state-wide laws they oppose.

    — As of 2016, five states are majority–minority populations, they are Hawaii, New Mexico, California, Texas and Nevada.

    — Washington D.C. has a majority-black population. Its “home rule” exists “at the pleasure” of the majority-white United States Congress and can be revoked at any time.
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    If the laws passed by the white devil legislature are applied equally on a statewide basis and haven't been found to violate any federal laws, where is the alleged discrimination?

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    Some people (especially minorities) can find something or some way to be discriminated against. They are also really great at being offended by some objects. If an offensive object is removed they can easily find another offensive object to replace it.
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    Birmingham has always chafed under state rule since they drove everyone who could leave (white and black) away. They have always tried various schemes to tax people who don't actually live in the city but either work there or are affiliated with companies that are located there. They get creative, the legislature shoots down the idea, and it starts all over again. They either fail to understand or don't care that success means the companies and the jobs will relocate outside the city limits and never return.
    They are so inept and corrupt that they lost hosting Alabama football games by not funding basic maintenance on a city-owned stadium. Alabama used to play all the good games in Birmingham. The fire department actually condemned the upper deck.
    The good news is the city leaders don't expect to win, at least not for long. They may get a "home team" win from a local Federal judge, but that stuff won't fly at the higher levels. Politically it is awesome. They get to demonstrate "fighting for you" with your money, not theirs. What race-baiting politician could possibly resist.
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    We need a smilie for "this is basically a rhetorical question but go ahead and answer because it might make someone giggle"! :lol:
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    So they continue to tilt at windmills which enables them to continue to be re-elected which continues to show that the voters are just dumbasses who continue to ignore the truth. OK, got it! :righton:
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