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They may not have a particular suspect in mind, but I hope they checked for blood and tried to get a DNA sample of the suspect, if he was bleeding from the dog bite. He will probably end up in the state prison system one day, and prisoners are required to submit a DNA sample. Then this crime can be solved.

On the other hand... what crime did he commit? Attempted rape? Well, the State would have to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) that he intended to rape her, not just grope her. False imprisonment? Hmm... might work. He briefly held her against her will. That's a felony. Sexual battery? That's a real good fit for the facts, since he groped her or tried to, but sexual battery on an adult is only a misdemeanor. (If he got a full year of jail time on that misdemeanor it wouldn't be so bad, but most misdemeanors only get people 12 months of probation).
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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