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XBOX 360 Package, available again, buyer backed out...

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XBOX 360 system ($299) with 2 controllers, one wired + one wireless ($39). Comes with harddrive ($100) , memory card ($15-20), and media remote ($25-40).

Will take $300 OBO, shipped. I have gotten into PC gaming and need upgrades on my PC.

Will talk trades for mil-surps or other guns or gadgets or survival gear, pretty much anything...
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i sent you an email

I sent an e-mail to you discussing a trade, please let me know asap
email problem

sorry but your reply email appeared blank to me. Anyway were you interested in the deal i offered?
me again

hey i noticed that the 360 was back for sale, and was wondering if you were interested in my original offer. Please get back with me asap and we can work something out. thanks alot!
1 - 4 of 20 Posts