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I encounter this on the shelf in the reloading section of a gun store today…

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What would you do? What manner of insanity is this? Unsafe! Were they dropped and swept from the floor? Water damaged boxes and ‘rescued’?

Actually, I asked Chris behind the counter! Chris said they bought a reloader’s entire set up and inventory, who is too old to reload anymore. Those ancient bottles of gunpowder, strange bags of bullets, and everything we’ve been seeing there? That’s his too.

Anyway, he apparently in order to save room, stored all his primers that way. Saved room.

I asked Chris, “So it’s not some crackhead emptying out wet boxes?” He said “Oh no, the guy was the real deal.”

Yikes! Danger, danger, danger!

They look good, and other than the danger of having so many primers touching one another if they would never go off, it would actually be a pretty good way to store them. No water no air! And nowhere near so bulky!

So I bought them. They will be the first in queue to use, but I think probably a good investment.

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Yeah? I had to pull a sled with my 2 little sisters on it, carrying my books and theirs. Uphill both ways so no riding the sled either way.

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