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Just throwing this out there to see if it gets something.
I have a SC XD 9mm that i used for over a year as my daily carry gun, I've since moved onto a 1911 so the XD is now a truck gun.

I'd like to trade it for a more Fullsize XD, I'm willing to put forward a little cash because I know new there is a price difference.
It's in very good condition, has a very small blemish on the slide from some holster wear, but it was carried daily so that's to be expected. Not exactly sure on the round count but it's well over 1000 and has had no FTF's, and I've put just about everything through it.
I have all the original accessories and box. 9mm is preferred for trade, but I'm not against anything else.
It's a great gun for concealment..

Don't hesitate to offer something else, everything is considered. I just want something more fullsized.

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