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WTT/WTS G26 package or just gun.

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I have a Glock 26 carry package. round count is approx 500. Has tru-dot night sights (orange rear, green front) polished barrel, extended slide release, 4 mags (one stock, 2 with pierce pink extensions, and 1 with a +1 extension) Desantis pocket holster, Barsony IWB holster, approx 180-200 range ammo, and 20 Speer gold dot +p

Only trades im looking for are: Glock 31/31c, Glock 32/32c in black or dark earth and 3rd gen & up. Looking for a straight up trade, preferably with similar package.

Asking $500 for the package, or $425 for gun w/ 2 total mags (one stock, one with pinky rest).

would LOVE a compensated dark earth gun.

Located in Johns Creek, GA. would like to stay within a 30 min driving area.

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Re: WTT only: Glock 26 package for a G31 or G32

Let me know if you ever consider other trades. Thx.
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