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WTT PS3...

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I changed my mind again. If you previously made me an offer, please contact me.
1st Generation PS3 (60gb) with 3 wireless controllers, DVD remote and bluetooth earbud. The 1st generation PS3 is PS2 backward compatible (the current generation is not). Included in the sale are:
COD3, COD World at War, COD Modern Warfare, COD Modern Warfare 2, COD Black Ops, Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Little Big Planet and FIFA 09.
All games are in excellent condition. I will trade for firearms...tactical 12 ga, ar parts, get the idea. This system is well taken care of. I have the original box, wires, etc. I'm located in Tyrone and can meet FTF.
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I would like $400, but that's negotiable.
Interested in an Aimpoint CompM2? (not ML2)
I appreciate your offer, but I'm partial to acogs...So I'm good there. Thanks again
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