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I'm in the Columbus area, but can drive a resonable distance, or could send by mail. I have a few parts from a 1911 I had a couple of years ago and I would like to see what I could trade them for. I'm open to all offers that pertain to a XD.40, a 9mm Sig P226, or a 12ga Mossberg 500.

Here's what I have:
1: Blued recoil spring plug (for a full length guide rod)
2: Blued mag release button
3: Blued allen head grip screws (all 4)
4: Mecgar 10 round magazine (black)
5: Wilson Combat extended slide release (stainless steel)
6: Wilson Combat recoil buffer pads (about 6-8)

All of the parts are in great shape, and the Wilson Combat parts are still new in the box (missing one buffer pad that I used).

Let me know if you have anything you might want to trade... parts, magazines, ammo, grips, anything!
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