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Got my eye on something so I'm dropping the price - $500

Here is my Walther P99c which I love, but I have too many carry pieces and nothing full sized.

It's a very nice compact (the same size & weight as a Glock 27) .40s&w. This one's a second gen with the larger mag release. The slide & controls have been duracoated in a very attractive OD green. It has the much better AS (anti-stress) DA/SA trigger vs. the DAO QA one. It has a Meprosight tridium front sight (as of spring this year) and comes with three mags. This pic shows the green very well.

It's only been shot about 150rds since being duracoated and still looks great. I've got a full box (50) of Federal HydraShoks & 46 rounds of mixed Winchester & Federal FMJ so 95 rounds total. I'll also toss in a nylon holster (which I actually used several times as a pocket holster) and a gun rug.

I'm looking for a quality full sized 9mm with a rail that's DA/SA, but I could easily be talked into a 4 gen Glock 17 (not normally fond of the Glock hump, but the adjustable backstrap helps a great deal). If I could simply trade it for another Walther P99 AS in 9mm full-sized I would (these really are wonderful guns). I'll consider Sigs, FNP9, CZ SP01, HK's :), S&W's,...just not really interested in anything from Taurus. I'm open to most handgun trades, but like I said really looking for a full sized DA/SA 9mm with a rail (it'll be for HD so weight's not an issue).

I'm only looking for something FTF so if you're in the Atlanta metro area let's meet!
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