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Bought it about 2 years ago when I was doing a lot of traveling to SC, but I sold my Porsche and don't travel on the roads much anymore. My truck doesn't get as much attention from LEO anyway :)

It comes in the original case, I have all the paperwork (including login info for the downloads). It has the blue LED. It is basically new, as it rarely ever got used. It pretty much stayed in my glovebox for the entire time. It works really well, the times I did use it I would pick up the radar a substantial ways out, it always detected lasers too (although you really need a shifter for laser).

Seems they are going for ~300 on eBay, I'll let it go for $250 OR trade (+ some cash) for a .380 pocket pistol like a LCP, P3AT, or P380. I might be able to throw in the visor clip and fusebox wiring kit, but I will have to try and dig them up (no guarantees, unlike the original components they were kept somewhere outside of the box).

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