WTS/donate: Old computers, peripherals, software, etc.

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    I need to clear out the old computer equipment from my office this weekend. I'll take reasonable offers of cash or trades, or if anyone has a charity that can put old computer equipment to use I'll donate it (must be willing to provide official receipt for tax purposes). Below is a list of what I have:
    -3 computers of 2003-2006 manufacture in full tower cases
    -1 set up as file server with RAID capability and CD and tape drives
    -Other 2 set up as workstations with DVD drives
    -1 HP mini-tower computer of ~1999 manufacture
    -5 total hard drives between the computers: 1x 120gb, 2x40gb, 1x 20gb, 1x 7.5gb
    -2 CRT monitors, 1x 17" and 1x 15"
    -4 wired and 1 wireless keyboard
    -3 wired and 2 wireless mice
    -1x HP Deskjet 932C inkjet printer
    -Power cables for all of the above, and I'll give you some Ethernet cables too if you want them
    -2 extra power supplies (condition unknown)
    -2x APC UPS power supplies (batteries in these may be dead)
    -3x licenses for Windows XP Professional w/ disks
    -1x license for Windows 98 SE (was on the old HP - I don't have the disk)
    -1x copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business edition w/ disks
    -1x copy of ACT! 6.0
    -Misc. other components and peripherals

    I removed all the hard drives to wipe them. I'll reinstall them in any order desired, but won't reinstall the operating systems. Everything worked when I unplugged it but I can't guarantee or warranty anything. They've been upgraded over the years and I don't have anything more specific than the above specs.

    $250 OBO for all the above, which is about the value of the software licenses for Windows and Office so the hardware is basically "free" for someone to play with. Must be able to come pick it up from my office in Covington or arrange to meet me somewhere by Monday.

    I also have a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop with a weak battery but that works well otherwise. Its service tag is JHHV151 so you should be able to look up its specs on dell.com. It has 512mb total memory and comes with a blank hard drive + a Windows XP Home license. I'd like $100 OBO for it.
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    One more bump. I also found a Toshiba laptop with a Win XP license I'll include. This stuff is going in the garbage this weekend if no one wants it.

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    if you dont find anyone to take it then take it to compupoint in norcross and they'll recycle it