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For sale: AR-15 Pistol in .300 Blackout
Roundcount: 60
Location: Buckhead
Price: $750
GADL/GWL Required.

I built this back in 2012, sat in my safe til last year when I finally put 60rds down range in it then back in my safe. Looking to make room for other guns.
It has a couple marks on the finish where I installed the bolt catch pin and where I had to grind off the tab on the troy handguard (dmps lo-pro uppers are slightly thicker which is the reason I had to remove that tab).

Really fun to shoot, does seem to have a short-stroke issue. Not sure if it was the ammo(130 grn supersonic) I was using or if there is a gas leak or if it needs a lighter buffer/spring, just haven't had the interest in figuring it out since it sits in my safe all the time.

Parts list:
8.5" cmmg .300 blkout barrel
Troy 7" handguard
Ergo suregrip
RRA Pistol tube/carbine buffer
RRA Chrome bolt
DD lower parts kit
Tactical Innovation T15 lower
BCM medium charging handle
DPMS Flat Top Lo-Pro Upper

Not terrible interested in trades but could be talked into the below depending on the deal:
Keltec KSG
Decent lever action (pref in .357)
WASR 10/63

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