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I’m selling my 1944 K98 DOU Mauser in 8x57 to fund other projects. Most likely a Russian capture, Nazi eagles on receiver have been electropenciled off and the rifle does not have fully matching serial numbered parts. The bore is dark, but the rifling is in very good shape. Most of the bluing is gone. It has proven to be accurate shooter with factory ammo, jacketed reloads, and reduced velocity cast bullets.

Also offering for sale a set of Lee 8x57 reloading dies, two cavity 175 grain bullet mold, 2/3 box copper gas checks, and empty brass (some fireformed 30.06), and two boxes of Igman 170 grain softpoint ammo.

I’m asking $350 for FTF sale on the complete package, but I will consider offers for the rifle only. Valid GA Weapons License and completed basic bill of sale required. Located in Powder Springs, but willing to meet at public place within reasonable driving distance of Atlanta westside. Thanks for clicking!


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