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Too many mosins... I need to make space for a SVT I bet on, a 24/7 and probably a MAS36.

I am poking the water to see what would be your interest to buy/trade a M44 (non-matching bolt/wood fair/reblued by me) and a 91/30 HEX Tula (Blue very good/wood very good/all matching).

I spent 2 days to blue the M44 and it looks better in life than on the pictures. There is only one spot at the base of the bayonet and the sight that would need a few more layers of bluying and I am ready to let go the remaining of my blue liquid for you to perform the task. I did not have time to spend to refinish the stock, so it is untouched.

I shot both of them and they shoot great. The bore is very nice. I did not have the time to take the pictures for the 91/30 yet, but you can see the M44 side to side with a non blued one.

I have no idea what I want, so you can make some offers. I am ready to put some money with them too if the trade price is mismatched. I do not want anybody to be treated unfair. My wife would like a revolver and I would like a "gun project" where I'll have some refinishing job.

I was able to put my hand on some ammo too. I can include some ammo 7.62x54R (By some it can mean a looooot too) and even loading clips.

Thank you
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