WTB Basic O/O 12ga Sporting Shotgun ~$1000

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by FreeRoosterSales, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. FreeRoosterSales

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    I'd like to purchase a basic O/O shotgun for my father for Christmas. A perfect opportunity for anyone who has one lying around who hasn't necessarily used theirs as much as desired. The gun would be used primarily for clays and maybe the occasional bird. I'd like to keep it under $1000.

    I'm pretty much open to any suggestions, pictures appreciated but not necessary. (I can google with the best of them)

    ~Wood Furniture.
    ~80% condition or better.

    I will provide GFL and photo ID, would like to have a bill of sale.

  2. tsangster

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    Have you considered the Yildiz at Academy for $400?

  3. fmlaw1

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    Check CDNN. They have several in their catalog.

    Pg. 40, Lanber: 28" 2087 Hunter$450 (blems), $550 NIB; 28" or 30" 2097 Sporting $549 (blem), $600; 28" or 30" 2097 Sporting Lux $600 (blem), $700 NIB.

    Pg 42, Charles Daly: 28" NRA ed. $600 (reg $1369).

    Pg 46, Weatherby: 26" Upland $900 (reg $1500) made in JPN. D'Italia Orion 26" $900

    Pg 47, Winchester: 101 26" or 28" light $1000 (reg $1739)

    They have some other very nice ones up to $1500: Weatherby Athena Gr III $1500, S&W $1190, and Last but not least, Browning 525 Citori $1400.

    A nice selection of subguages as well.

    Just my small contribution to the common good. Hope your dad enjoys his new toy.

    You can download the catalog online, but there, IIRC, no prices published. Hopefully the page layout is the same, so you can better use the above info.