WSBTV Report on GFL holder arrest.

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Wiley, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Wiley

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    Am I the only one to have seen it?

    Friday (9/29) at about 5:30P and Saturday (9/30) at about 9:00A there was a report by Dale Cardwell (I think) about a Black guy arrested when he presented his GFL at a trafic stop in DeKalb.

    On Friday the anchor was Monica Kauffman and Saturday the anchor was Carol Sbarge.

    Quite an even handed report and interview. The guy, admitedly, pulled across two lanes to make a turn and was pulled over. He said he presented his, valid, DL and, not wanting to cause any upset, his, valid, GFL.

    Things went down hill from there. And get a little hazy. He was arrested for not having a valid DL except 'somebody', no one knows who, said it was a CDL. He says he has never had one.

    The Dekalb police, DMV and every one invloved except the guy claims not to know anything about anything.

    I looked on the WSB site and could find no link. If one could be found, it could be used to 'educate' the police and, perhaps, remove some of the GFL restrictions. Then again, maybe not.

  2. Macktee

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    Sounds very much like a case of "driving while black" and "being black with a gun" no matter how legal it was.

    Sounds like this guy was totally railroaded! I hope he sues and takes home a bag-full of cash because it sure sounds like he deserves it!