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WSB-TV Editorial

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WSB-TV Channel 2 news did an editorial about the bills in the Georgia General Assembly that they think are good and bad last night on the six o'clock news.

Of course they branded HB89 as a bad bill because it would "allow motorists to hide weapons anywhere in a vehicle." :x

Why can't they just READ the news off of the teleprompter and keep their opinions to themselves? :roll:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts WAS an editorial after all. Too bad they probably don't allow rebuttal.
pro2am said: WAS an editorial after all. Too bad they probably don't allow rebuttal.
I doubt that they allow rebuttal. They did post an email address for you you to leave a comment. I think that it was [email protected]
It's impossible for liberal editorial boards to do that.
I don't waste time with local news. Always unprofessional.
But it will allow law abiding motorists with clean records and no history of drug, alcohol, or mental health treatment to "hide guns anwywhere in vehicles."

Is it the editorial position of this TV station that such people should be put in jail :jail: if their weapon is partially concealed while in the car? If so, why?

"I am scared of guns" is not a sufficient answer.

Neither is appeal to majority (fallacy) nor appeal to authority (fallacy) (like when you say "Chiefs of Police opinion is . . .").

What is funny is that I am sure these people do not even realize they are arguing that you should go to jail. They have not thought about it deeply enough to even know the consequences of their arguments.

Ideas have consequences, and, in this case the consequences involve real people sitting in real jails.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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