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    In 2009, just 12 years after the passage of the Firearm Act, the Daily Mail describedBritain as “the most violent country in Europe.” It reported that Britain had “a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S.”

    On October 21, 2017, Breitbart News reported that rapes in London were three times higher than in New York City

    I don't know if gun control caused this, or the new and stricter gun laws came as a result of the UK seeing the writing on the wall about rising crime as a trend, and they made this ineffective attempt to stop it. More likely the latter, as the real cause of increased crime is an increase in the number of turd-world refugees with no respect for life, no respect for the host country that took them in, no respect for any law other than Islam (and not much respect for that, either, though they pay it lip service), and, among the native Anglo-Saxon y young people, a trend to embrace counter-culture and everything society views as bad.

    What London needs is to expel masses of foreigners, hang about 10,000 of its own domestic criminals, put repeat violent offenders in prisons for decades at a time, refill the insane asylums. What became of "Bedlam" -- formerly known as Bethlehem Royal Hospital? Open that up again for new patients, or build a new version of it.

    And, arm the population of natural-born, fully English-speaking Brits with government-issued guns and tell them that the capture of violent felons is their duty, their civic duty, as well as to raise a "hue and cry" and to chase down any such offenders.

    HUE & CRY:
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    Gun control - it's actually weapons control - has exasperated the problem. Self-defense is no longer a legal response to crime. A victim that attempts to protect themselves can be sued by the perpetrator for injuries and more.


    As for the stabbings, that's what happens when you import millions of savages (aka muslims) who think nothing of physically attacking and even killing men, women and children of the host country for the slightest perceived insult. Or for no reason at all. Knife control is big in the UK but that doesn't seem to prevent the savages (aka muslims) from carrying - and using - them in public and the cops don't seem to care. Or are too scared to care.


    How about the muslim grooming gangs? Actually they're just pedophile gangs but "grooming" sounds so less troublesome.


    And then the English go and turn over their capital city to Sadiq Khan, a well-groomed savage (aka muslim) but a savage none-the-less.


    Pity poor England. Stephen the Irishman got it right:
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    Dr Zubaida Haque, an associate at the Runnymede Trust who has been working with the University of Greenwich on research into ethnic minorities in the criminal justice system, said the figures reflected discrimination in police practicies.

    “High arrest rates among ethnic minorities partly reflect discriminatory police practices," she told The Independent.



    It's just those racist white London police . . .
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