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WooHoo! Been wanting one, finally got one

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Ruger P90 .45ACP

Got a really great price on this. Been looking for a long time.
Got a companion for my 1911 45ACP now.

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A buddy of mine has one of those and loves it. It feeds empty cases. Accurate too.

Nice find for you, enjoy it.
They are good. I enjoy HK's and other .45's but really like the Ruger it eats anything. Even some crappy American ammo I ran into several years ago which wouldn't chamber in my HK USP .45 Tactical the chamber was too tight for that ammo.
Great guns. I had one of these years and years ago when they first came out and as mentioned, mine ate empty cases too. I never had a single issue with mine. They're a little bulky for carry, but great guns nonetheless. I traded mine off a long time back and have always regretted it. It was my first .45ACP.

Currently my only Ruger pistol is a P345, and it's a keeper too. Haven't tried feeding it empty cases, but never had an issue with it yet either. Would like to pick up a used P90 again at some point.

Oh yeah, FWIW, give the Hogue wrap-around grips a try on it sometime. Feels like a completely different gun compared to the stock grips. :righton:

Congrats and enjoy.
I've had my P90 for 16 years and thousands of rounds down the pipe. Still looks and functions like new. I did have to replace the mag release spring about 2 years ago but other than that no problems ever. When the spring broke I called Ruger to order the spring and Ruger sent 2 at no charge. The person on the phone said it shoudldn't have broke. It will eat even the cheapest junk ammo you can feed it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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