Women Only Defensive Handgun Class

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    Ladies only Defensive Focus Shooting with Matt DeVito from Down Range Firearms Training

    Saturday, 21 February 2015, in Woodbury, Gerogia

    Email [email protected] with questions or to register

    Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting and Intuitive Skill Development
    Class Covers:
    -Combat Accuracy
    -Lateral Motion
    -The balance of speed and precision
    -The critical incident reload
    -Volume of fire
    -Realistic training for multiple target engagement
    -Understanding the bodies natural reaction; the skill development cycle
    -One handed and weak handed shooting
    -Non-diagnostic, linear malfunction clearing
    -Shooting in motion (When?, How?, Why?)
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    There are still spots open in this class if anyone is still interested. This is a great calss for anyone from novice to experienced shooter.