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For trade only

I have a Mossberg 500A pump action with synthetic stock. It has a full length ported barrel as well as a 18.5 inch barrel. I've also have a pistol grip for it.

The receiver and original barrel has sort of a matte finish while the short barrel has a blued finish

I've also got a soft case that it will fit inside of if the short barrel and pistol grip is installed

For the full length barrel I have improved cylinder, modified and full chokes as well as the tool to install them

Looking for a compact pistol or revolver, .38 for the revolver and at least 9mm in semi-autos. Might consider some .380's but not looking for a pocket sized model (ie P-3AT or LCP)

No Taurus semi autos or Charter Arms please. Also, I want a carry gun so no long barrels, single actions, shotguns, rifles, etc.

Update While I'll still consider semi-autos I am more focused on a revolver now. Also I will consider Taurus revolvers too. A compact 5 shot .357 such as the Taurus 605 would be great, an SP101 even better.

I'm putting the trade value of the gun around $300, but, I also have a little bit of cash ($50 preferred, but $75 max) and the following ammo:

14 Rifled Slugs (Winchester)
24 00BK (Remington)
59 #8 bird shot (Winchester)

I'd rather use the ammo and some cash to trade into the 375-400 price range than do a even trade for the shotgun alone but I will consider even trades too.

Limited to Gwinnett county or out towards the Athens area. Definitely will not drive further south than Classic Marksman in Norcross

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