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Withdrawn temporarily

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I have a Dell dimension that I just finished re-building. Specs are below..

-2.4GHz Intel Processor
-512 MB RAM
-Dual CD-RW Drives
- 80GB Barracuda Hard Drive
-Fresh install of Windows XP Home Edition.
-AVG Free, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, PDF and Flash ready.

The case is a bit scuffed up, but not horrible. Besides, it isn't the case that determines how well the computer runs. This thing runs as smooth as butter. I can text or email pictures. This comes with a matching Dell flat screen CRT monitor, that puts off a good picture. I really need this gone.

If you're interested please feel free to give me a call at 678-588-2791.

Here is a picture of the same type computer (even has the dual CD drives).I got it off of Google because I don't have a camera handy. Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Re: FS: Rebuilt Dell

Is the ram DDR2 or DDR1?
Re: FS: Rebuilt Dell

did i miss price?
Re: FS: Rebuilt Dell

mark5019 said:
did i miss price?
I don't see a price.....

If it's free I want it.
Re: FS: Rebuilt Dell

Sorry fellas, been a bit busy today.. It is ddr, and it is currently set at $100
Withdrawn.. I'm going to do some upgrades.. I should have it back out in a day or two..
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