Wisconsin Costitutional Carry

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    From our friends at Wisconsin Carry:

    http://www.wisconsincarry.org/pdf/WCI_c ... _carry.pdf
  2. Archangel

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    I still say this is a pipe dream for Wisconsin Pro-Gun folks. At least for the foreseeable future.

    You would need an overwhelming majority to get that passed, and even though the Republicans will be in charge, I don't believe enough of them would vote for constitutional carry to get it passed.

    Remember, this is a state that was one of the last to allow PEPPER SPRAY.

    I lived there for 40 years, most of their (note I said MOST) Republicans would still be considered "moderates".

    Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see it happen.

    But a CCW permit (no doubt from what I've been reading, WITH training) is far more likely to pass.

    Just a wait and see at this point. But considering that WCI won't even say how many members they have I think you see the vocal "core" group being active in that arena and are severely overestimating how much influence they have.

    With GCO, the elected KNOW how many people we have, and the numbers are growing like crazy.

    I sure would like to carry concealed legally at some point in my home state.... Hopefully soon.

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    My Mother moved to WI about 7 years ago and I asked her about carrying there and she pretty much told me that this state HATES GUNS.

    I would love for my mom be able to carry and protect herself and feel like she isn't breaking the law .
  4. rabbivj

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    Wisconsin is damn near one of the most liberal states in the Midwest next to the Peoples Republik of Illinois. Afaik their governor has shot down Concealed carry many times...i HIGHLY DOUBT that Constitutional carry will pass but if they can do it, more power to em.
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    Conveniently, they just elected a Republican. I wouldn't be surprised if they offer to accept shall-issue as a "compromise". For a state like Wisconsin, that would still be a pretty damn good improvement.