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Winchester Gun Safe at Sams

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Been looking at gun safes and have not liked the $1,200 plus for most out there. I came across Winchester (Granite) available at Sams, model shown $599. Not sure of the looks only seen online, most specs simular to others out there.

Shown 60h 30w 22d 575lbs

Just thought I would put it out there for those that have been looking.
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How thick is the steel? You need at least 10 gauge steel to protect against smash and grab attacks. The cheaper, and more common, 12 gauge steal can be hacked through with a few strokes of an axe.

This has a lot of useful information for buying a decent gun safe and telling you what to look for.[/url]
Actually, rereading the guide I just posted, this exact Winchester gun safe model is highly recommended for those on a budget, but it does sacrifice in a number of areas as far as security and fire resistance go.
Thanks for posting that good. It looks like a good read.
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