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    I have a Winchester model 1894 30/30. According to the serial number it was manufactured in 1906. I know the barrel is orginal and most of bluing is still intact. There is slight spots where it had been repaired. The back stock looks like it may have been replaced at one time but I do not know for sure. It is just a slight bit of color off from the front. The most important part is that it shoots perfectly without any problems and the action is very smooth. No problems there. I have seen prices from $500 to $25000 so obviously I don't know the value of mine. I'm in a pickle right now with money so any advice pointing to the value would be helpful.
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    I'd pay an appraiser.

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    If you have an account with Gunbroker, you can log-in and see the actual selling price of a gun that has been sold.

    That's a far more accurate figure than the "wish list" price that the seller may set as a "buy it now" price, hoping a sucker will come along and make an impulse purchase.

    And of course the "current bid " or "minimum bid" prices may be artificially low, possibly even below the reserve price (undisclosed).

    I'm no Winchester collector, but I'm thinking that a gun that old, in good working condition, with all original Winchester parts (even if the butt stock was a replacement, it's still a period-correct Winchester and not an aftermarket or home-carved one) is probably worth around $1000 to $1200.

    I can't see paying really big money for a rifle that is too new (1906) to have contributed to taming of the American West. The Indians were fully defeated and conquered by the middle 1890s. Railroads criscrossed the West by then. We had telegraph lines strung between all the major cities. It was the "modern" age, when this rifle was built and first sold. Airplanes had been invented, automobiles had been invented (although not yet mass-produced by Ford), etc.
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    You can also look at the current bids. If there is 0 bids then the pricing might be too high. Look at the ones that are closing soon with a number of bids attached to them.