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Per Fox News anyway.
Fox News need to pull its collective head out of its collective ass. While you can look at a win as a win no matter how small, none of those wins can overshadow the huge amount of harm done to all citizens and the 2nd Amendment by the recent deplorable rulings by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (Kolbe v Hogan) upholding Maryland's ban on the entire AR15 class of firearms in direct contradiction to the Supreme Court's DC v Heller opinion and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (Scott v Sylvester) upholding qualified immunity for the cops that can shoot you dead without saying a word to you if you answer your door holding a firearm.

The Senate needs to confirm Neil Gorsuch (presumably) to the Supreme Court asap so that one or more definitive gun rights cases can be heard in front of a presumably 2nd Amendment friendly court.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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