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We want to fingerprint, and I do not understand why we can;t just ban guns altogether!

From VCDL Alert:

Well, I'm still steamed. Got to the Williamsburg City Council meeting in time to take over from Philip, who had to leave for a dental appointment. On the agenda was conforming their CHP fingerprinting ordinance to state code, and of course, we were there to persuade them to drop fingerprinting altogether.

It was late before they got to the issue, and when they did, they asked the City Attorney (CA) why the General Assembly decided to revoke the option of fingerprinting for renewals. He said he didn't know, and only someone who was there could tell them. I was chomping at the bit at that point to educate them.

Next, Councilman Haulman whined "I don't like concealed guns,"
related a story about how someone used a concealed gun to shoot at someone else near where Haluman was walking his dog, and fortunately missed his target. Haulman then asked the CA if Williamsburg could ban concealed guns or refuse to issue permits! [Mr. Haulman doesn't know the difference between a criminal and a law-abiding permit holder, as well as knowing nothing about Virginia gun laws. Why am I NOT surprised? - PVC]

At that, Councilman Freiling asked the CA what would be the repercussions of NOT conforming their ordinance to state law, and leaving the requirement to fingerprint applicants for renewal on the books!!! [City Council contemplating breaking state law! These people need to be kicked out of office for malfeasance - PVC]

At that they all jumped in to a grandstanding assault against guns, permits, the General Assembly, and the Dillon Rule.

Freling asked incredulously "How could the legislature actually take away the authority of jurisdictions to control guns? Whatever were they thinking?" [Mr. Freling - People like YOU were EXACTLY what the General Assembly was thinking about!!! - PVC]

The only exception to this disgraceful show was Councilman Chohany, who opined that it was not people with CHPs that he feared.

When it became clear that the Mayor was getting ready to ask for a vote, I raised and waved my hand, and got her attention. She promptly ignored me and called for a vote ***without public
comment!!!*** Haulman was, as far as I know, the only one to vote "no" on conforming the city ordinances to state law, thereby showing his utter CONTEMPT for both the LEGISLATURE and the LAW.

There was NO mention of the option to repeal fingerprinting altogether, no mention of the many emails from VCDL members about the same, and this was the ONLY issue in the time I was there that was voted on without allowing the public to comment.....this is government at its worst.
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