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I have a good friend that is a secret squirrel for the NSA and he really has no online presence. If you Google him, there is really nothing that comes up. He does have a smart phone, but does nothing on social media and when he and his wife have traveled with us in the past, he doesn't bring his phone and reads ACTUAL books...he doesn't own a tablet. He obviously doesn't speak about his job outside of VERY general terms, but his actions tell me that big brother has been listening for a long time. And, he is the only one that has agreed with my assertion that the Facebook permissions ALLOW them to listen to you with your mobile devices ALL THE TIME.
Same here. Good friend of mine, best friends since grade school, in the Air Force in communications. He was tasked to the NSA for a while. He said what he saw and what he learned about our government's ability to spy on everyone scared him and that the stuff from Snowden only scratched the surface. Your friend is right about Facebook. It's an open door for the government to spy on you and Facebook is fine with holding that door open.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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