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Does anyone know the Georgia law regarding have wig-wag headlights flashers installed on your vehicle? I know that actually using them on the road is against the law, but is illegal just to have a flasher installed (e.g. is it considered prima facia evidence that your going to use them isnce they are installed)?
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Most states as long as they aren't blue and red you can do as you please. All of our company trucks (construction) have white ones front and back. There isn't anything we have to do to have them. I'd like to install them on my personal vehicle for the odd time I need it for work or if I had to stop on the side of the road in an emergency.
It seems like I read somewhere that many states had laws against flashers on headlights. I think that white strobes can be added, but the headlights can't be flashed in a back-n-forth pattern.
Most of the rules about lights on moving vehicles are found between 40-8-20 and 40-8-35.
There is a specific law against BLUE lights, but only the color blue is mentioned. 40--8-90.

For green lights, the prohibition on unauthorized green lights is 40-8-92 (d).

There may be other Code sections that apply. I don't have time to search around right now.
Interesting - I looked through 40-8-7 through 40-8-90 and couldn't find anything that made them illegal. I just had assumed that they were. I suspect that if someone actually used them on public roads and wasn't a LEO, firefighter, etc. they could get into trouble for impersonating an officer.
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