Why support the 2nd Amendment?

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Bkite, Jan 10, 2021.

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    I try to avoid these conflicts but in this case I just can't sit by any longer. Perhaps if you took a hard look at what you post you may even begin to understand why you are constantly having to defend yourself from antagonisms on this site. If you want to talk about how long someone has been on this site then have fun finding someone who has been here longer than I have. I have seen your kind come and go many times over the years. What really puzzles me is why you even bother to stay??????? What puzzles me even more is why you are not on everyone else's ignore list and they keep reading your post?????? If you were as smart as you play like you are then you would have wised up long ago and moved on to a more friendly to you place to spew your diatribe. You can respond to this if you like but you can save your fingers some stress if you like because I have had enough of you already so I am going to put you on ignore. Perhaps others will as well. If enough ignore you and no one responds to your post the playtime you are enjoying will soon enough be over.
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    Sure, if that's what you want. I don't think it really matters how you define it for the purpose of this discussion. I almost didn't even use that word. I may have omitted it but, I think the question of what actions would warrant use of the 2A should be included in this discussion.

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    I was previously ridiculed for my opinion, so that’s why I ask for clarification.
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    Tyranny-lite, then tyranny medium usually precede "real tyranny".

    At which point it should be stopped, I suppose, is the question. Don't ask me, I honestly don't know.

    I certainly don't think violence is the answer is this present state of affairs we are in.

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    I concur.