Why is the 2A marginalized?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Boy Racer, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Boy Racer

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    Why is the second amendment marginalized by so many? It's an amendment to the Constitution just like any other, except perhaps that it doesn't convey any rights onto anyone, necessarily, but instead precludes others from denying a right; a right assumed by its author(s) to be God-granted.

    Is it because shooting sports are niche interests, and therefore the whole firearm debate is relegated to second class status? Everybody drives a car, so try and take a car away from someone and you'd be met with laughter and summarily ignored by society. But not everyone shoots, so try and take a firearm away from someone and that same society turns a blind eye; they don't shoot, so taking a gun away from someone else doesn't affect them directly one way or the other, and they can be apathetic. I know driving is a privilege and carrying is a right... but you wouldn't think it was arranged that way from viewing it from the outside.

    Are people so narrowly focused on their own lives that they can not or will not see what happens on the periphery today may happen in their line of sight tomorrow?

    How does the 'lack of context in the modern day' argument hold any water? I mean, when will the 13th amendment no longer hold any context in modern society?

    Or, if we're paying for the sins of our fathers, who were these sinful fathers?
  2. M249

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    It's hard to control an armed populace.

  3. phaed

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    i really don't think that's it. that takes too much long term thinking. i believe so many are into extracting money and power from any possible source, for short term gains. the 2A just happens to be a source.

    we are quickly burning up our resources...one of them is freedom.
  4. Gunstar1

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    I believe it is a combination of 3 things, lack of personal responsibility and (i forget the official name of it) where you think that everyone in the world (if given the same circumstances as you) would think and act the same way you would, which stem from ignorance (either willful or unintentional).

    I agree with phaed up to a point. Those that want the money/power hungry are just there because of the access. Pro-gun, anti-gun, they don't care. I see these few people as the ones running the groups coming up with half truths and downright decptions but are only a small minority. They drive the attacks.
  5. gsusnake

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    It's for the children!
  6. GAGunOwner

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    People are willing to give up freedom for (false) security.

    For example people actually think a minor city ordinace will keep gangs from having a shootout in the park, or they don't think it through logically and side with the antis.