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I hear all the complaints about the electoral college, but many forget and democrats don't care that under our system just about any loser can vote?

Someone who is third generation in public housing with no ambition, the kind of person that was nothing but trouble you were glad when they missed school, they eat off welfare and food stamps, have 6 kids by 6 baby daddy's and most will be involved in crime. They actually get to vote and decide how to cut up money the same way a person busting their tail to make a better life for their children do? Our founders never intended that and wanted people to have skin in the game.

Also on the popular vote maybe someone knows this. I think msn had something about the absentee ballots only get counted if they could make a difference. So lets say trump wins florida and the margin is say 1 million votes. If all the absentee ballots are less than the million vote margin they don't bother counting them since it would not make a difference? Anyone know the deal on this? I thought all votes were counted? It would make sense though if the margin is 1 millon votes and only 500k come in not to waste money counting them.
They do count them all. The winner may be called before the count is complete if there are not enough to make a difference but in the next couple of weeks the counting will be complete and the actual vote totals will be in. Though not too many will be paying attention to it and you will more than likely not hear about it on any of the news channels. This is why there are still 2 states not called. They may never be formally called because it's all moot at this point. The votes will be counted and entered into some obscure record someplace.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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