Why are so many anti-gun mayors criminals?

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    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-n ... t-11859621

    So exactly what is the correlation between so many anti-gun mayors also being criminals? The law is for the simple people, but not for me? Its like the more thuggish behavior of the mayor, the more anti-gun they are.

    Maybe its because they truly despise the law, the ultimate law of the land, the 2nd amendment. After all most of these guys probably have armed guards protecting them around the clock. Its for me, but not for you.
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    it's 'cause they're (the mayors) afraid that a lawfully carrying citizen is likely to shoot at 'em
    when they're caught reaching into pockets.... :)

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    its for the cookie jar.
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    This link was in the comments:

    Looks like they're up to 11 now. Still though 11 out of about 500 is only about 2.2%. That is up to the reader to compare to the national average...

    I've got a partial theory on MAIG that involves further political aspirations that are limited by available votes. Once a mayor or county commissioner represents more than 700k people, their next steps up in the game via the polling place are either becoming a US senator or a governor. How many former Atlanta mayors made either hop? Option two is getting appointed somewhere interesting on a more national scale. For either to happen, they need to find some way to distinguish themselves on a statewide if not national scale. MAIG is a quick way to get national attention, take a stand on an issue, and "support" the community. After all, who doesn't want to push pawn shops out of newly affluent areas, protect the children, and decrease crime?

    My depreciated :2cents: anyway.
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    I have observed that the general population of criminals is staunchly behind the anti-self defense banner. It's not just because they're criminal Mayors, it's because they are just like the other criminals.
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    Dig deep enough, and you'll probably find a large number of those crooked mayors had help from the mob to get elected.

    Obviously, they want to pay the mob back by creating safer working conditions for those engaged in the "protection" racket.