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The US House voted against the Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment, which would have prohibited the feds from busting people for possession of small quantities of marijuana.

To celebrate, the DEA raided six medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, even though the people of California passed a law that allows dispensaries to operate in the state.

Another examples of how states rights only matter to politicians when it furthers their ideological agendas.

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I'm waiting to see what happens in the Parker case. They rule one amendment invalid and the rest of the amendments could be in trouble.

I'm holding out for a good 3rd amendment case though.


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The Raich decision already ruled on this issue, so nothing Parker does is going to change that.

Who stuck up for Angel Raich? No liberals; one moderate, Justice O’Connor; and two conservatives, Chief Justice Rehnquist and Juctice Thomas. Thomas was the most eloquent. He wrote that the court’s decision means that Congress can regulate almost anything, which is completely at odds with the famous statement by James Madison that the powers of the federal government were "limited and few."

Writes Thomas, “One searches the Court’s opinion in vain for any hint of what aspect of American life is reserved to the States.†His exasperation showed through when he wrote, “If the majority is to be taken seriously, the Federal Government may now regulate quilting bees, clothes drives and potluck suppers throughout the 50 states.â€

Thomas has it right, for all the good it does. ... 05_06.html
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