Who Needs a Gun in a Park?

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    From VCDL Alert:

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    This fellow sounds like one fine specimen.

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    he was such a good boy.
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    At what point does this become a no brainer. Do they seriously have to motion to revoke his bond...again???
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    just beginning to turn his life around!
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    He was running with the wrong crowd!
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    This woman had been the wife of a VCDL Member for the last 60 years!

    From VCDL Alert:

    1. With sadness: member's spouse avoided protection, was ultimate victim

    It is with shock and great sadness, we update a report from last week http://tinyurl.com/2nq688 about the shooting in Fairfax County where a man was given bail against the urging of the prosecutor, and shortly thereafter murdered an elderly woman in a park and then took over a bus.

    The woman was in the VCDL family.

    I offer my personal condolences and the condolences on behalf of VCDL.

    I hope that by publishing this, maybe other spouses who are also afraid of guns will rethink their position and possibly save their own lives someday.

    A bereaved Roy S. Gillinson M.D., wrote to us, and gave his kind permission to reprint here, in his hope it might help others:


    I am a member of VCDL and several other 2nd Amendment defense organizations.

    The Victim of the Murder in Huntley Meadows Park and wildlife preserve on October 17 was my 80 yr old wife of 60 years.

    She sat reading on a bench and was a frequent visitor to the park and was well known to the employees and other visitors. The released violent criminal was apparently attempting to obtain the keys to her car, presumably to evade his court orders and escape the area. She was pistol whipped about the head, and then shot through the eye dying instantly.

    She was a sweet natured lady 5' 0",and not physically strong; but fearful of carrying a weapon or even using a personal alarm device.

    I am hoping that this event will bring retribution and remorse to the so called "Judge(s)" who basically were the root cause of this tragedy.


    Here is a recent article on this horribly tragedy:


    Suspect in Killing, Barricade Was Free on Bond

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- A man suspected of killing a woman in the Hybla Valley area of Fairfax County, then barricading himself on a bus, was free on bond while awaiting sentencing in another crime.

    Kevin C. Kline, 18, of Woodbridge is charged with murdering a woman whose body was found in Huntley Meadows Park, just off Route 1. Police haven't described a motive or any relationship between the two.

    The Culpeper County State's Attorney's office says Kline was convicted of malicious wounding earlier this month in a taser attack on a woman this spring. But he was set free on bond while awaiting sentencing in that crime.

    In Fairfax County, the body of Joan Gillinson, 80, was found just after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Shortly thereafter, Kline, armed with a gun and blood on his clothes, ran out of the bushes, and onto the Fairfax Connector Bus, police say.

    Once on the bus, he ordered everybody off and then he threatened to kill himself. The armed standoff with police ended peacefully shortly after 6:30 p.m. Armed SWAT team members arrested him and took him into custody.

    Police had received a call about a suspicious man riding a bus and when they drove up to the bus and attempted to pull over the bus.

    Police closed off Route 1 in both directions near the Mount Vernon Plaza shopping center, snarling traffic in the area for several hours.

    No one was injured in the incident, police say.