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"Shots are being fired," employee says in 911 call before slaying

By JOHN SEEWER Associated Press Writer

Published on Thursday Aug 09, 2007

A trucking company manager called 911 just before he was shot and killed, saying that one of the company's drivers was trying to take off in a truck after being fired.

The manager, Douglas Smith, said the employee had just been let go. Smith's voice was calm until he heard the first shots.

"Shots are being fired," he told the 911 dispatcher. "I need to go downstairs and see what's going on."

Smith, of Toledo, and another employee were killed Wednesday afternoon at Liberty Transportation in Perrysburg Township near Toledo, police said.
The police caught the bad guys, and the victim called 911 . . .

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I carry into work or leave my gun in the truck. Most of the time I keep it in my pc bag next to my desk. Everyone in my ofice has a GFL and they carry. It is all understood to be part of the plausilbe deniability clause of our company policy if we just don't discuss it with corp. 8) At any given time there could be 6 people packing in 1 office [usually after someone got let go....seriously. We've had no incident yet but we've had some wacked out contractors come thru our office.]
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