Who Needs a Gun at Wachovia?

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    You do know they have a little "no guns" ghostbuster style sign on all of their doors, right?

    From VCDL Alert:

    10. Who needs a gun at Wachovia?


    Miramar police hunt shot carjacking suspect

    By Macollvie Jean-Francois

    August 2, 2007

    Police are searching area hospitals for a man they say was shot when he tried to steal someone's truck Thursday morning.

    The man, described in his early 20s, was shot by Bruce Allen Williams, of Opa-locka, after the man fired at Williams and tried to drive away in Williams' truck outside a Wachovia bank, 6810 Miramar Parkway, at about 5:30 a.m., police said.

    Williams, 57, had just withdrawn money from the bank's ATM and gotten into his white Lincoln Mark LT truck when two men got out of a brown Toyota or Honda and rushed him, police spokesman Bill Robertson said.

    One of the men pointed a gun at Williams and ordered him out of the truck. Williams got out, but the truck was in drive and continued moving forward. A suspect jumped into the truck and shot at Williams, but Williams pulled out his own .44-caliber revolver and fired five shots at the man, Robertson said.

    The man, dripping blood, and his partner fled on foot northbound on SW 68th Avenue, and it's believed another man in the brown car picked them up.

    Police used a helicopter and police dogs, but were unable to track the men.

    Williams was not hurt. Robertson said the men wanted the truck, not the money.

    "I'm at a real low right now," Williams said as he sat and smoked a cigarette outside the bank Thursday morning. He refused to comment further.

    Williams has a permit to carry his gun, Robertson said.

    The wounded suspect was described as about 5-foot-6, weighing about 120 pounds and wearing a brown shirt and dark pants. His partner was about 5-foot-8, 160 pounds, wearing a white shirt and having a short afro and goutee.

    There was no description available for the driver of the getaway car.
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    carry carry carry... Even if only to the cormer store!

    Glad to hear he made it out ok. It wasnt enough to steal his truck they had to shoot at him as they left (if the story is correct in order of events).

    Its a sad society but it has come to having your windows up and vehicle locked even when just walking up to the ATM machine! Then immediately locking the doors when re-entering.

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    We are at a disadvantage with these little SOB's (5'6" 120lbs, 5'8" 160lbs) hard to get a good sight on them skinny ones. Also really screws up the ballistics, not enough meat to allow for good expansion. Seems like most of these BG's you read about are little skinny sh_ts.

    I guess it is time to loose a few to give myself a bit of an advantage.
  4. VolGrad

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    If you decide to lose weight to give yourself a tactical advantage then OK, but if you lose weight just because you fear beer and carbs, then shame on you.

    If you lose weight for tactical advantage, fine. If you avoid openly exercising your right to eat and drink beer out of fear of just being chubby, shame.

    That, my friends is a quote I can get behind. !LOL! Come on, that was funny.

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    They must put something in the TN water.