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Who needs a gun at Bank of America?

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This just happened today - heard it on a radio news flash on the way home so no links yet. Should be in tomorrows Macon Telegraph.

Guy pops into the local BoA on Riverside drive and demands $. Cashier gives it to him & the guy flees. They get his tag # and an unmarked is following him in moments. He gets on I75 & then to I16 before he realized he was being pursued. He crosses the median & starts heading back northbound. Stops on the edge of the hwy and head back towards the bank (at least in that general direction) on foot. Leo pursues apparently with gun in hand. It comes down to some kind of grappling session and the firearm goes off whilst pointing at the BG's chest. Apparently he was DOA. He had a accomplice no word on if she was caught or not.

This is a bank I used to go to monthly when I lived in town as my house was only about 300 yards away. And this was around lunchtime which was when I was normally in there. It's also the second robbery of BoA in Macon in the past couple of months. Damn skippy I'm glad they don't say anything to me when I'm carrying in there!!
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Malum Prohibitum said:
Don't rob banks, ram into police cars, and then struggle with an officer who already has a gun out, and you probably will not end up like this guy.
:( Then you tell me what to do tomorrow!
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