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Immediately after joining this forum I began receiving solicitations from this group. Their latest email of many is below. Any comments on this group? Any need to join yet another list that has been founded in part to fight federal lists?


Did you join Georgia Gun Owners yesterday? If not, I'd like to give you the opportunity to do so now, and forward you Patrick's email from yesterday.

As you can see, by joining Georgia Gun Owners at the $25 membership level, we'll keep you informed with up-to-the minute legislative updates, as well as send you our biannual newsletter, The Georgia Gun Owner, and a decal for your car or truck.

If you join at the $50 membership level, we'll also send you our "Liberty or Death" Georgia Gun Owner tee shirt.

Click below to join:

Yours in liberty,

Ashley Rodriguez
Georgia Gun Owners

Here is Patrick's email from yesteday:


In just a few short weeks, a bill to restore REAL Right-to-Carry in the State of Georgia will be introduced in the legislature.

You and I will finally have a chance to see where our elected officials stand on our RIGHT to Carry. A Constitutional RIGHT. Not a privilege granted to us by government.

But I fear the politicians will do what they always do -- vote to preserve the status quo.

The only hope you and I have to restore our God-given RIGHT to defend ourselves here in Georgia is to come together. To activate. To mobilize. To pressure our elected officials.

That's why I am personally asking you to join scores of other Georgians and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners.

By joining Georgia Gun Owners, not only will you be directly involved in restoring our liberty to carry here in Georgia but also you will be contributing to the effort to find, activate, and mobilize tens of thousands of other 2nd Amendment activists in Georgia.

Whether you become a member at the $25 Liberty Level, the $50 or $100 levels, or even the $500 Life Membership Level, your activism will go a long way towards holding the politicians accountable.

XXXXXX, I've been told that there are close to 400,000 individuals in Georgia who carry regularly. Can you imagine if you and I joined together with even a fraction of those folks to pressure our elected officials?

I'm confident that you and I would get back our liberty to carry...without a government permission slip.

If you feel as passionately as I do, that for far too long our government has taken far too much of our liberty, I invite you to join Georgia Gun Owners TODAY!

With Barack Obama and his well-funded, anti-2nd Amendment gang in Washington doing everything they can to register gun owners and ban firearms, now, more than ever, you and I, as Georgians, need to assert our voices here in Georgia...

...before it's too late.

In addition to pressuring our legislators to pass a bill to restore REAL Right-to-Carry in Georgia, you and I are going to call on our elected officials to:

*** Move to allow Georgians to carry firearms in our places of worship;

*** Repeal the prohibition on carrying to defend ourselves on our university campuses;

*** Pass a bill to prevent government police forces from confiscating firearms from individuals in times of emergency.

If you agree with me that our full 2nd Amendment rights -- right here in Georgia -- deserve to be reclaimed, please join Georgia Gun Owners.

Let's join together, dig in, hold the line, and then advance.

The right to defend ourselves without government permission is too important to ignore.

For liberty,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director


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Patrick has been asking for people to sign a petition for some time, and I don't think he ever posted it. He has no board of directors, as far as I know, yet he's asking for huge sums of money. Make your own decision. If you search this site, there are other threads, and sentiments about the organization.

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Weisbrot said:
Immediately after joining this forum I began receiving solicitations from this group. Their latest email of many is below.
I have never received anything from them. Maybe disable your email link that appears at the bottom of your posts.
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