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    Just wanted to give an update. I know I saw someone mention the GWL for Whitfield. Even though I'm in Law Enforcement, I decided to get my GWL so I could carry concealed while I go to Florida. More to cover my butt than anything else since Florida doesn't recognize anyone with POST certification or a badge from out of state.

    Anyways, I went in, filled out the paperwork, got fingerprinted and background checked at the courthouse, and paid the money.

    Two days later, recieved my license in the mail. No muss, no fuss.

    Everyone else I spoke with around here that has their GWL's also said it took them less than a week to get theirs.
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    What about HR 218? Florida does not really have a choice in the matter.

  3. phantoms

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    That's the way all counties should be. congrats on getting yours. :righton:
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    True. I never had a problem when I worked there and I carried on my badge but I always like to play it safe rather than sorry. With my luck, I'd end up getting pulled over or checked by some jerk who didn't know the carry laws from the hole in his body that's not above his shoulders. Just don't have the patience dealing with them and trying to "train" them :lol:
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    Everyone please note this post is from an active LEO. Scary that he has to worry about even carrying his gun when not working due to training issues from LEOs he may encounter. Creepy for the mere GWL holders reading.
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    I don't know if anyone here remembers (or cares), but when I very first joined GPDO it was because I was having a lively weekend-long discussion on a Dalton newspaper message board with a Whitfield Co. LEO who actually prides himself on being a champion of 2nd Amendment issues. He was convinced that my GFL (as it was called then) only allowed me to carry concealed and that OC was in fact illegal in GA. He also felt, and maybe still does, that just the sight of an OC weapon obligated him to check for a license and that GA is a "must show license" when asked for it state.

    Could be this gentleman, I don't know. "Python", is that you?
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    This was the case for a CONCEALED firearm prior to SB308 but of course not for an unconcealed firearm.