White People: Stop Oppressing!

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  1. AzB

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    The comments are hilarious. Not only do these people have no knowledge or understanding of anything about History or human nature, they don't even understand how racist they are. All they have is self righteous indignation that they call smart and "woke" in order to lend some legitimacy, as it otherwise is nothing more than what they claim they're against.
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  2. Taurus92

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    Yes, that's all part of being a hypocrite. Starts at the top like accusing Trump of colluding with the Russian when their campaign has been paying those very Russians to fabricate BS on their opponent.
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  3. Savannah Dan

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    The guy who wrote that is retarded, right? He has to be.
  4. Mrs_Esterhouse

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    Shame, shame, shame, shame! White people, you know what you did.

  5. EJR914

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    I am so sick of all this racist white shaming. I see it all over social media, so some of these people are buying into this cultural Marxist BS. People wonder why white people feel under attack, this is it.
  6. gunsmoker

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    I unfollowed or unfriended several people of Facebook over their perpetuation of the white privilege / America currently oppressing minorities B.S.
  7. RedDawnTheMusical

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    I'm starting to think that everyone is retarded. Take this article for example:

    It states:
    So, you might be offended by that as the article clearly states that if you're a man, you're trash. Period. Accept it.

    However, to make it even worse is the first commenter to the article, that garnered over 400 likes, that stated (and I'll quote her in her entirety as it is so incomprehensible):
    So, saying/acknowledging that your a horrible person, you've contributed to rape culture, there's no hope for you, etc. isn't sufficient. You're essentially not allowed to take blame or even acknowledge the problem because you're promoting yourself and perpetuating the problem. Instead, you're not allowed to say anything - that is the only acceptable response, except, of course, that you'll then be condemned for not speaking up.

    This seems to play into the standard tactics of the far-left and overly politically-correct. You're immediately insulted and put on the defensive, and then condemned for anything that you say in response. It is not just the silencing of the far-right - it is the silencing of the middle, the right, the sane, the innocent, the common man, free thinking, etc.
  8. Taurus92

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    You didn't think apologizing was going to work did you? We're going from one frenzy to the next. Have a read.

    From One Frenzy to the Next

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  9. Malum Prohibitum

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    I was told that by failing to acknowledge it, I was part of the problem.

    I tried and tried and tried to consider whether that reply had even a hint of considered thought about it, some sign that there was some sort of intelligent life behind the keyboard, but finally gave up.

    I concluded it was nothing more than a rhetorical device to shut down debate, and the person typing it could not explain to you what the statement meant even if you had a gun to his head.