Which pistols fit this description?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Quest50, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Quest50

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    For those of you with a decent knowledge of different varieties of pistols, I challenge you: Which pistols do you know of that fit this description:

    -Available in 9mm and/or .45 ACP
    -Single Action/Double Action
    -Has a manual thumb safety in which pushing the lever down turns the safety off
    (ie: not like the Beretta M9 where the "safety" decocks the weapon in the upwards position, and is on safe in the downward position... More like the 1911 or Taurus PT-92 where in the upwards position, it's on safe and in the downwards position, it's ready to go bang.)

  2. budder

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    The Hk USP fits the description. The Sig P220. The CZ-75 and -97 sort of does (not the same pistol, but similar design and same manufacturer). EAA/Tangfolio clones of the CZ may do both with the same model number.

  3. Quest50

    Quest50 Active Member

    If I'm not mistaken, the Sig P220 has a decocking lever, but not a manual safety.
  4. ookoshi

    ookoshi Moderator

    The DA/SA Sig P220 does not have a manual safety, it has a decocker only. Or rather, any Sig P220 with an external safety is SAO, which doesn't fit the OP's needs.


    Your requirements need to be clarified. You want a DA/SA weapon with a manual safety. Do you need the manual safety to be usable while the gun is decocked? If so, the normal CZ-75/75B does not fit that description. You can carry it cocked with the safety on, or unlocked and uncocked so the first shot is DA, but you cannot carry it safety on, uncocked. The safety on a CZ-75/75B will not engage if the gun is not cocked.

    However, this is not true with the CZ-75B that has the Omega trigger. My CZ-75B Omega can be carried uncocked with the safety on.

    A normal CZ-75 cannot do this:
    Safety On, Hammer Down (At Half Cock)
    Safety Off
  5. Quest50

    Quest50 Active Member

    Hmm, Yes.
  6. ookoshi

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    Then my recommendation is the CZ-75B Omega. :) I have one, if you want to meet me at a range you can shoot it to try it out.
  7. Adam5

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    My S&W 908 9mm can be carried decocked and safety on, but lever up is safety off.

    Unless you also carry a 1911, you may want to try a up for safety off pistol. Until you have practiced with one, you don't realise how instinctive it is to move the safety up while getting a grip on the gun just pprior to your draw.
  8. jbowlick

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    Check out the FNX-9 or FNP-45 USG. I think they fit the description your looking for. I have the 45 and love it. plus, it comes with 3 mags.
  9. gunsmoker

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    Consider the Taurus Millennium PRO series.
    If you carry them chamber-loaded, you will have basically a SA trigger pull. Similar to a Glock with a 3.5 lb trigger, only a little shorter of a stroke I think.
    You can't decock it for a DA first shot, but you can engage the safety.
    The safety works just like an M1911-- it's on the left side of the pistol, made for your thumb to sweep forward and down to make the weapon ready to "FIRE".
    Up is "safe."
    But if you have a failure to fire, the pistol reverts to DA mode so you have true second-strike capability. You get to smack that primer another time or two if you wish.

    Here's a pic of my girlfriend's 9mm PT111 PRO with a pink frame.
  10. Ashe

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    The STI GP6?

    MSRP $662.86
    Caliber 9x19
    Frame 30 RC, Chrome Moly Steel with Integral Tactical Rail
    Grip Textured Polymer
    Slide 4.15" Tri-Top with Front & Rear Cocking Serrations
    Trigger DA/SA
    Barrel 4.25"
    Safeties Ambi Thumb Safeties
    Guide Rod One Piece
    Sights White 3 Dot Rear Sight and Front Sight Windage Adjustable (with Provided Key)
    Overall Length 7.9"
    Weight 26.1 oz.
    Finish Blue
    Competition Approvals USPSA (Production Division), IPSC, IDPA
  11. Archangel

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    Not available in 45....

    I'm pretty sure....
  12. baker

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    I'm going with Taurus. I have a Mil Pro and that sounded like my gun. Only thing is he said comes in 9mm and .45, which the Mil Pro also has a .40 as well.
  13. Ashe

    Ashe Active Member

    Well he did say "And/Or"
    I actually saw someone shooting one at the IDA match last weekend, it seemed really nice, and the owner said he loved his.
  14. MWAG

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    i'm gonna echo what a couple of other have said and go with the taurus millenium series. mine is one of the original designs with no "pro" deignation and no mounting rail (thank god).
    the pt series is a DAO gun, but not really. the rearward movement of the slide during firing only acts to reload the chamber with a fresh round. the "cocking" of the weapon is done with the rearward movement of the trigger. so that makes this pistol, technically, a self-cocking, striker fired weapon. with the gun unloaded you can pull the trigger over and over again simulating rapid fire and the gun will "fire" with each trigger pull without the slide moving to the rear.
    at one time i had thought about having the safety lever pinned in the off position. with the long "double action" trigger pull i never use the safety, ever.
    the best $250 i've ever spent............well other than the $250 i paid for my 44mag super blackhawk

  15. gkill772001

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    Taurus's metal-framed guns have all of that covered.
    The PT-911, PT-945, PT-909, PT-92, PT-99, and PT-917 all have those requirements. The safety can be pressed down to decock the pistol, and all can be carried with the hammer back and safety on, if so desired.
  16. CoolHand

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    Get a HK45 and the HK45c if you want a cockroach gun*. Maybe they'll have that variant of the P30 in 9mm out next year. I bet you could but the parts for the .40 P30s and use them though if you wanted one badly enough.

    *cockroach gun: Def. A firearm thatby it's design and inherent reliability is very likely to outlast you by so long as to be around long after humans are extinct and cockroaches have evolved to sentience and are using old HK45s to settle scores. See Also: The Book of Eli
  17. SGT_Calle

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    I second the FNH FNP-9/45 or new FNX-9.
    I have a FNP-45 Tactical and love it. A friend at the range has the new FNX-9 and has really been enjoying it as it breaks in.
  18. DKing

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  19. dunkel

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    How about the SIGPro or whatever it's called?
  20. Galahad

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    I second that. I have the FNP 45 and prefer it to the Sig 220 I owned previously. I'm philosophically opposed to a manual safety, so I went with the decocker only.