Where were you on 9/11/2001

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    Folks always seem to remember exactly where they were and what they felt when significant historical events occur. 9/11 is no different and as I was putting my flag out on the house this morning I was thinking about it. I was still on active duty at the time and was at the pistol range shooting for my annual requals. Someone came up from the parking lot and said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. My first thought was that it was like a Piper Cub or something, then we got word that a second plane hit and they were both passenger jets. They shut the range down and we reported back to our units where we basically sat around waiting for info. At lunch I drove over to my wifes work. When I got there they were sending everyone home because most of them were military wives and were too distracted to work. We went to the house and I watched some of the coverage on the TV till it was time to head back to base. When I got to the base there was a line of cars about a three miles long waiting to get through the gate because they were searching everything going in with the bomb dogs. I called my unit and told them I would be late returning and explained the delay, then waited in line for over an hour and only moved about a quarter of a mile. I called my unit again and they said to just go home and sit by the phone the rest of the day. On the way home I stopped by Walmart and bought enough ammo for a small war of my own, I wasn't alone, they sold a bunch of ammo that day. So as Allen Jackson so poetically put it, "where were you when the world stopped turning?"
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    On this day in 2001

    I was a junior in high school, and I was sitting in my government class when the teacher got a call in from the principal. The teacher went to the TV that sat in the corner of the room and he turned it on. Thats when I saw the horror, and I started to feel a lump in my chest and I started breathing very heavily. See, on that day my mother and grandmother was supposed to go to new york, because thats where my family is originally from. I immediately went to the principals office to check on my family, and luckly my mothers flight had been cancelled due to what happened and she didnt have to fly out. I was elated, but couldnt help feeling bad for those that had lost their lives. So on this day I send my condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the buildings destroyed.

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    I was in Vegas at a trade show. Woke up and didn't turn on the TV. Got ready and walked with another guy to the convention center. As we were walking my wife called me and asked if I watched the news. I said "No, didn't have time what's up?". I was in disbelief when she told me. We found a company that had a large screen TV and watched. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. The trade show was a bust after that. The attendees went home early or walked around in a daze.

    That event is one that I will never forget. I could go back to that hotel and stand in the exact spot I got that phone call.

    The world is changing and we all need to be prepared as best we can for whatever may come our way.
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    Commutting to work. I heard the first one on the radio. When I arrived at work, I called my wife, more agitated than usual.

    "Turn on the TV!"


    "A plane just hit the World Trade Center in New York." About this time, she had turned the TV on, and, with a bored tone, remarked, "So?"

    I sputtered some incomprehensible sound . . .

    Shortly thereafter, the second one hit.

    Then, at work, all the gossip and news reports cam filtering in . . . car bombs, who knows what else . . . remember all the confusion on that day about what was going on?
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    I was conducting a training course at work with about 20 students. A woman there poked her head in the door and told us that a plane hit the WTC. Like you, I thought it was a small private plane. On a break some folks looked up the news online and that's when we found out that it was much more than that. We finished the training course, mostly because there was no television and the Internet connection was so slow from everyone else in the office trying to get news.

    I remember walking outside the following day and thinking how I never noticed how many planes flew overhead and how many vapor trails were there...until they weren't.
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    I was just about to walk out the door on the way to work when a friend called and said, 'turn on the TV.' I sat, stunned, for the next few hours watching the news reports. I never did make it to work that day. I had read several accounts of that small plane many years ago hitting the Empire State Bldg. I could see right away that this was no small plane. When the second one hit, it had to be terrorism.
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    As I watch the memorial on-line I remember where and what I was doing.

    As I grew up in Queens, NY, I was sitting in my office located at the King and Queen Building in the perimeter. One of the accounts we provided network support for, Polo Ralph Lauren, called us the minute it happened. They are located on the other side of the river across from lower manhatten. My coworker, also from nearby queens, NY, came over to me immediately to tell me what happened. I didnt believe him at first, but we never joke about something as bad as that.

    That moment, I got on the cell phone calling uncles and aunts that are in the trade center pavilion. My uncle was transfered from the towers a few months earlier to the island. However the rest of his hockey team at Chase, did not make it off the top as the plane hit below them.

    Tracking my family was difficult, but for whatever reason all 4 of them either had meetings, transfered, or didnt have work in the plaza that day!

    My thoughts out to anybody that has lost loved ones that day or everyday oversees making our country safe. To all that have served, thank you.
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    I already was at work when the first plane hit. I heard the news, turned on the TV, and watched in real time as the second plane hit and both towers collapsed. Some co-workers from DC were already in the air, on their way here to a meeting. One of them managed to text me a message, asking me to try to find a way for them to get home. I rented them a car, which they drove back to DC after the meeting, but not without quite an argument at the rental car counter over whether they would be allowed to rent the car or not.
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    I was supposed to be at 130 Liberty Street that day for training (that building was right across from tower 1) but it was canceled because someone from our group couldn't make it. On that day I was on the phone with my friend who worked at the above building when the first plane hit. His words were "What the f--- was that!" I said what? He said " The whole f---en place just shook!" He evacuated and ran for the Staten Island ferry to get home. I spent most of the day tracking down my friends and family. The town I grew up in lost over 100 people that day.

    Another friend of mine was coming out of the subway from tower 2 as people were jumping out of the buildings.

    Am I sad? Yeah, but I'm still mostly pissed at the fundamental Islamic radicals that did this. The News should be showing the above mentioned images over and over again but they won't. We'll get bombarded by images from Iraq if the US accidentally kills civilians (even made up images) but they just won't show us the images of people falling 110 stories. I guess the news doesn't want us to still be pissed. Just my .02
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    Watched a retrospective on FOX, their reporting that day as events transpired, that was as unvarnished as possible, including people jumping, scenes which I had not seen in five years.

    I was stepping out of the shower in CA, when my wife told me the first tower was collapsing. Spent the next hours channel surfing, and trying to protect some of our folks from being targets (we had a bunch of Indian engineers working on a large project) because we were afraid of a reaction and they could be mistaken for Islamists.

    That afternoon, realized that a friend of a close friend was on United 93, and the thud was complete.
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    Woke up and turned on the TV while I was getting ready for work.

    Started noticing that some promo for what looked like a poorly filmed/edited disaster movie was on several channels. Then I started thinking that it is odd for several channels to have the exact same commercial at the exact same point. I flipped over to Fox news to find out that it was real.
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    I was working midnight shift on Robins AFB, and had got off work at 6:30 am. Went home, got the wife and kids up for work/school, and got them on their way. Sat back and started reading my email-routine was until about 10:00 or so, then hit the sack. Was halfway listening to Boortz, and they went to local; newscaster said that a small plane had hit the WTC.

    Ran into the living room and turned the TV on. Knew to myself right away that this was no small plane, and was watching as the 2nd plane hit.

    Needless to say, as the day's events unfolded, I could not sleep, and stayed glued to the TV all day. Finally crashed hard at 8 pm, and got back up at 9:30 to go to work. Like USMCR noted, the wait to get on the base was long. I did not get to my work center until well after midnight-normal *was* about 15 minutes door to work center.

    This was the start of 12 hour days, 7 days a week for almost 3 straight years.
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    I had just started at Georgia Southern University, working on my MS. I remember coming into the lab and hearing folks talking about a plane hitting the first tower. I didnt think too much of it as I headed to the Voodoo Hut to visit the doctor. The TV in the waiting room was on and I set there watching in disbelief. (Sorta, I knew something was going to happen. I, however, expected something far worse. I still do.)

    I remember walking by the door to the lobby later and looking through the window at the TV just in time to see the first tower fall.

    I made it back to the lab later and everyone was hanging around a small radio and reading news reports on the computer. Crazy.

    I was amazed at the liberal news media this morning actually dogging the President for calling our enemy "Islamic Fascists!" I am amazed at what people in this country think sometimes.
  14. merlock

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    I'm not only amazed, sometimes it is downright SCARY. :evil:
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    i was at work in riverdale ga. my manager came in and said a plane
    had hit the WTC. my first thought was what dumbass pilot didn't
    see this huge building in front of them. then i realized what was
    going on.
    we were watching t.v. in the waiting room when the second plane hit.
    my first thought was the president will have 40 bombers in the air by now
    then my second thought was my parents were visiting my great uncle
    in new jersey that week when i taked to them the night before on the
    phone they were going into new york before they headed home.
    i kept trying to call them on their cell phones but no answer.
    they finally called me 2 hours later. they had no signal for 2 hours
    we are all well now.
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    I had just woke up about 5 am in my home in Ridgecrest, California and turned the TV on. I thought it was some kind of video documentary at first until I realized that the tv channel was live news from NYC via the L.A. affiliate and not TLC or the Discovery channel. When I saw the plane hit the first tower, I knew I wasn't going to work. China Lake naval weapons test station is the main bread and butter for the area, and that the base would be secured and no one could enter. Threat level one. It shook me up. Where we were living out in the desert, even though the nation was attacked, we felt safe and secure. For the simple fact that we knew the vast area of the desert and mountains around Death Valley, and could escape into her for safety. It was weird...almost like if a big earthquake hit in the immediate area.
    The town damn near shut down for three days straight...
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    Sharky its funny I'm from Queens, NY. But like I said in an earlier post, I'm glad that mother and grandmother didn't get that flight or for that matter anyone that left from GA didnt fly out either after those planes hit the WTC and the Pentagon. I know yesterday was hard for a lot of people, so whoever you guys are god bless.
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    Was driving to work on a freeway, listening to the morning AM radio crew doing their 5-minute political "free for all". Noticed that one of the characters sorta disappeared for a bit, then came back announcing a plane had hit the WTC. I thought about going back home, knowing that this wasn't a "lost in the fog" incident like the Empire State Building way back when - planes don't hit skyscrapers accidentally on a bright clear day (and I was in NY state then).

    Then I got almost to work, and the second hit. Still thought about going home, but didn't.

    Come lunch, I finally went home and got some SHTF stuff. Went back to work.

    Got a call that the first tower collapsed. Didn't believe it, went to a TV showing the scene, only saw a column of smoke there - cognitive dissonance set in, and I dismissed it as just a lot of smoke engulfing the tower.