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Where to find local crime stats?

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Where can I find stats for local and metro area crime? I've got someone close to me who just doesn't think it could happen to her b/c she likes her neighborhood. When I show her horror stories from national news I get the standard denial stance, "But that happened there and not here. Stuff like that doesn't happen around here to people like me. Quit trying to scare me." And I'm made out to be a nutbar for carrying. Like I said, this person is close to me, so I'd like to back up my arguments with real, local substance.
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If you prefer to get it from the horse's mouth, here is the one for Atlanta PD
The thing about the Atlanta crime numbers is that they are very misleading. We are assuming that all those crimes are commited by those 400,000+ residents. I can tell you from experience that the crimes that get included in those stats, many times include ppl who don't officially live in the city limits of Atlanta. Victims and perps alike.

That's not to say that Atlanta is a safe city but you couldn't pay me enough to live in Cummings (or Woodstock like before) if I am working downtown Atlanta. It literally shortens my life by over 2 hours a day.
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