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Where to find local crime stats?

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Where can I find stats for local and metro area crime? I've got someone close to me who just doesn't think it could happen to her b/c she likes her neighborhood. When I show her horror stories from national news I get the standard denial stance, "But that happened there and not here. Stuff like that doesn't happen around here to people like me. Quit trying to scare me." And I'm made out to be a nutbar for carrying. Like I said, this person is close to me, so I'd like to back up my arguments with real, local substance.
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ptsmith24 said:
Any luck convincing her yet?
nope, this one is very stubborn. But, I've got lots of time and I'll wear her down eventually. Just have to drop stories and tips here and there. You know what they say, "Tell a woman a crackhead will get her and she'll roll her eyes at you, but show a woman an actual crackhead that might get her and she'll start listening" :D
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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